I suppose I should introduce myself.  My name is Devon Herrera and I’m addicted to conversation… is that insensitive to AA?  We’ll say no. 

I remember going on my first date and telling my partner I get bored easily – that I need to be challenged and mentally stimulated… well, he listened, or his ability to converse just comes naturally. 

Either way, Coffee With A Question originated out of pure curiosity.  Over breakfast [lunch and dinner], the conversation flows; it could be over something we recently saw in the news, a new movie we need to decipher [still working out Inception], or the behavioral health epidemic in our country, god forbid coronavirus. 

One morning, we were having a debate [if it was better to have your food prepared or your house cleaned for you] and decided to throw the question up on the all-mighty Instagram to hear what “the people” had to say.  These ‘every so often’ questions turned into a daily routine, which has turned into weekly blogs, with guest writers. 

The purpose of Coffee With A Question will be to dive further into these thoughts in an effort to better understand human nature – sometimes in a lighthearted way, sometimes taken more seriously, but most importantly, to continue the conversation.

Thanks for being here, and as always, GO PACK GO!

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