About Me

I suppose this is where I introduce myself.  Hi, guys, I’m Devon Herrera and I’m addicted to conversation… is that insensitive to AA?  We’ll say no. 

I used to say I get bored easily and almost took pride in the need for others to mentally stimulate me – so much so, I started a blog about it called Coffee With A Question, as I had a deep interest in the inner-workings of others.

My curiosity has a wide, wide range… which, let’s be honest, does not make me unique, but I do feel called to explore that curiosity on a deeper level while personally conversing with individuals.

After a year and a half of operating as Coffee With A Question, though, I felt the need to shift gears and transition into something that resonates on a deeper level – something that can run as more than just a blog.

With a spark of inspiration, and some help from friends, the new vision was born with THE SOCIAL MUSE.

As if you’re still reading this fascinating ‘about me’ piece, I will remind you, the purpose of this whole thing is to dive further into people’s thoughts and behaviors, sometimes in a lighthearted way, and sometimes we’ll get deep as hell.

Thanks for being here and giving a shit, and as always, GO PACK GO!

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