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From Lack to Abundance, a Guide to Manifestation featuring Katie Benford

I was 13 years old, bawling my eyes out in my parents’ room.  I just lost my big sister to ovarian cancer and I was screaming, asking God how he could do this to someone.  How he could take away…


2020 – The Recap That You Don’t Care About

I currently have 4,195 photos on my camera roll — I love increments of five, so it genuinely brings a sense of ease over me. I’m scrolling up to January 2020 to see what the hell happened to me this year because…


Mele Kalikimaka by Kayli Telfer

It’s finally December – one of my favorite months, especially for eight-year-old me! It’s the start of the month and I’m begging my Dad to go get the tree; it’s always been a family tradition of ours to get a…



As I sit here on my blood-stained bed (from Azey’s teething, not from a period… ew, you guys) with my legs crossed, wearing a Dr. Jart sheet mask and blue-blocker glasses, I am inclined to reflect on how my life…


Therapize Me – Featuring Ashley Doss

What brings you here today?  Feeling anxious?  Overwhelmed?  Unsure what the future holds?  Drinking too much coffee?  Drinking too much alcohol?  Relapsed on cigarettes?  Missing your friends?  Not sure how to deal with you and your partner working from home? …


The Playbook For Life, Featuring Tim Besch

You know when you meet someone, and instantly just feel you’ll have a connection with them forever? Yeah, that wasn’t the case with Tim… he was fine – average, really.  Kind of bland personality, real monotone sounding, not funny at…


My Gratitude

I’m grateful that I allow myself time to create because I love to. I’m grateful for the large cup of coffee, oat milk, and honey that I make for myself every morning, not only because it tastes great, but because…


We Are One (Thanksgiving Edition) – with Marney Henze

Who better to interview for Thanksgiving week than Marney Henze?   That’s a rhetorical question, obviously… Marney is one of my favorite people and I’m beyond flattered she sat down to share a snippet of her story with us, because she’s…

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