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Purging Trauma – by Holly Bennett

I am 37. I have been a healthcare professional for 13 years and I actively work in naturopathic oncology here in the valley. I was a very young mother of my now 20-year old son, Isaiah. He is one of…


And Then There Was a Podcast

The time has finally come – The Social Muse has a podcast. My sister joins me in discussions about manifestation energy, living intentionally, boys, obviously, and interviews with different creatives. We’re on Spotify, Apple, Amazon Music, and… well, honestly, if…


The *New* Bachelorette

Join The Social Muse in witnessing an all new season like you’ve never seen before. And also subscribe to my YouTube page because 4 subs is unspeakable.


Behind The Scenes with Brandon Pitts

Do you think ‘movie star’ when you hear the name Brandon Pitts? Not to put too much pressure on him, but honestly, that’s his trajectory. You want to talk about manifestation? This guy is so in tune with the universe,…


Fearless She Wrote, Featuring Gillian Sisley

Gillian Sisley.  Remember her name.  Seriously.  I stumbled upon her when I joined Medium last year, and I was blown away by how clearly I could hear her voice in her story telling.  She immediately made me feel like I…


The Social Muse

Y’all, I’m uploading my first audio and it’s random as hell. Am I supposed to recap it here? Am I supposed to warn you that I recorded it in my sister’s kitchen? That you can hear cars driving by and…


We Know One Thing For Certain, by Lexi Hart

I lost someone I loved a little over a week ago. Death makes me feel like a part of my soul has left my body and I never feel like I get it back. Maybe I’m blessed to love so…


From Lack to Abundance, a Guide to Manifestation featuring Katie Benford

I was 13 years old, bawling my eyes out in my parents’ room.  I just lost my big sister to ovarian cancer and I was screaming, asking God how he could do this to someone.  How he could take away…

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