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It’s Been A Year

Many of us have heard and watched James Lipton interview performers on his show, Inside The Actors Studio, where he asks the same ten questions in that righteous, but earnest tone, such as ‘what sound do you love?’ or ‘what…


The Future of Fashion with Devon James

I first met Devon circa 2008, playing beer pong at a house party in Peoria, and naturally, we bonded over our shared name, as well as our ability to sink a white ball in the last red cup to seal…


The Thing About Happiness

I sat down with Tasha via Zoom (because is there any other way to connect now?) just a few days before her 30th birthday, for a chat that I knew would be enthralling.  We’d connected a few months earlier about…


The Miley Cyrus Revolution

“I’m not going to sit here and tell you I have sex three times a day and masturbate with dildos all the time when I don’t,” she said matter of factly.


Why Do I Feel Different?

My name is Katy Coic and I would like to share my story. My story of finding out that my dad is not my biological father.  As I’m sitting here (re)writing this, it’s the day after father’s day and I’ve…


Epstein – The Serial Sex Predator

Listen to the Audio Version Instead: I’m troubled… as I’m sure many were when finishing the documentary about Jeffrey Epstein. I must (shamefully) admit, I knew nothing about Jeffrey before going into the documentary, outside of his extreme wealth. The…


Land of the Free

4th of July… Independence Day –I’ve thought about what to write in honor of this national holiday and my options have gone back and forth between the recounting some of my favorite memories and taking a step back to really…



When I got a message from Taylor informing me she was ready to tell her story but needed help telling it, I was excited, then honored, then extremely intimidated, not only because I’d known and loved her brother since elementary…

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