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Time For Greatness featuring Ross Bautista

I’ve gone back and forth about the importance of identifying the relationship between the interviewer and the interviewee… is it important to know whether there’s a connection?  Whether they’ve known each other for a while?  And for how long?  Ultimately,…


What a Biden | Harris Win Means to Us

As I sit here recalling the consistent oscillation of emotions experienced between 5 pm on November 3rd through 9:26 am on November 7th, from heightened nerves to inflated confidence, from heavy anxiety to deep sadness, and a healthy amount of…


Lights, Camera, Fedora, featuring Brandon Caraco

Brandon and I go way back… specifically, to October 3rd, 2020, when we met on the set of ‘Bat Girl at War’ – a short fan film we were selected to star in by the lovely Alexzander Rogers. He put…


Calling All Vulva Owners, by Rae Kennedy

I was about five years old when I pulled at a loose thread dangling from the edge of my underwear. It must have ended somewhere along my vulva because when I tugged to remove it, it tickled the whole way…


How Pleasure Brought Me Shame

It was roughly 2 am when I felt the shame swim through my body like I was slowly being poisoned; I could sense this devastating heat pulse through every fiber of my being as I wiped away the hot tears,…


I’m Not in Kansas Anymore – by Julia Briars

Moving to South Korea was the hardest thing I ever did. I’d never been so far away from home for such a long period of time. I assume it would have been easier if I were in a larger city…


Confessions of a 23-Year-Old Suffering from Depression, by Dylan Zawicki

“WHAT DID YOU TAKE!?! WHAT DID YOU TAKE??!!” I heard my mom shouting repeatedly as I woke up in a fog, despite my best efforts to end it all.   I’d consumed 350 Advil, 70 Propranolol, a pack of Claritin, and…


Skin Wealth featuring Caitlin Teich

Smarmo.  It’s the name I gave the zit on my chin.  Sometimes, when I’m really put off by a breakout, I’ll give it a name and welcome it into our home.   “Hello, Smarmo,” I’ll smile in the mirror with my…

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