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Why Do I Feel Different?

My name is Katy Coic and I would like to share my story. My story of finding out that my dad is not my biological father.  As I’m sitting here (re)writing this, it’s the day after father’s day and I’ve…


Epstein – The Serial Sex Predator

Listen to the Audio Version Instead: I’m troubled… as I’m sure many were when finishing the documentary about Jeffrey Epstein. I must (shamefully) admit, I knew nothing about Jeffrey before going into the documentary, outside of his extreme wealth. The…


Land of the Free

4th of July… Independence Day –I’ve thought about what to write in honor of this national holiday and my options have gone back and forth between the recounting some of my favorite memories and taking a step back to really…



When I got a message from Taylor informing me she was ready to tell her story but needed help telling it, I was excited, then honored, then extremely intimidated, not only because I’d known and loved her brother since elementary…


Grief in 2020

What is grief? If we were to boil it down to one word, I think collectively we could agree that grief is loss. 2020 has made its mark on all of us, causing immense grief – with COVID, we lost…


An Ode To You, Dad

What a challenge it must’ve been, becoming a dad to someone who didn’t remember having one. You embraced my feminine nature, teaching me softball as we played out in the beating sun. You built me a fort, which was really…


What I’ve Learned About Racism

Racism… what a triggering word, right? At the start of this work, if someone asked whether I was racist, my immediate response would be to jolt my head back, push my brows down as if to say ‘are you crazy?’…


Military Woman

My name is Desiree Herrera and I am 57 years old. I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, raised in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, and now live in La Jolla, California. Most importantly, though, I am Godmother to Devon. As I recall my…

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