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Back To War

The dark smoke engulfed my lungs and forced a film over my strong blue eyes which sat behind a pair of classic silver aviators. The thick green jacket felt tighter than usual around my muscular arms which pleased me, almost…


Trauma & The Beach Ball Analogy

We all have a story. We carry them within us. Some of us carry them deep down inside, while some of us wear them on our sleeves. I am mostly a member of the “buried deep inside” camp. For years…


Time’s Up

In a #MeToo era, where men and women are extended an olive branch to share their stories of sexual abuse, I still felt like mine wasn’t “bad enough,”… like I shouldn’t have let it rock me the way it did…



My name’s Tyler and I’m 23 years old. I was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico where I grew up with my mom, dad and two younger brothers, in our close-knit, conservative, Christian household. Reaching back to some of my first…


A Mother’s Impact

I’m not usually one to put my feelings out in the open, but I feel like life is all about embracing changes and growth, and I’ve certainly experienced a ton of that over the last year. So, my hope in…



Listen to the Audio Version Instead: Who knew a blank white page could be so daunting?  Where do I begin? How do I write something that will adequately explain the impact my mom has on me?  I suppose I’ll start…


Women Do Talk In My Kitchen

Another interview! Although I may not be totally keen on putting these conversations together after the fact, sitting down with someone and connecting with them face(Time) to face(Time) is one of the things that makes me happiest in the world.…


Bake Me Up – The Final Chapter

Sadie didn’t want to go back to the shitty dorms. With her dad in this condition, she didn’t want to go anywhere, but her mom insisted. “Guys, listen to the doctor. Go to the house and settle in. I’ll call…

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