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Time For A Reset

Hello, everyone. My name is Dominique De Wet and I am 22 years old. Fair warning, everyone, English is my second language, so if this doesn’t run as smoothly as previous blogs, my sincerest apologies. I was born on a…


Are You Proper Fit?

My name is Sam Smith (no, not the famous singer). I just turned 29 – let’s hear it for all my Aries people! I was raised in Northern California in a city called Turlock. I lived there until I was…


The US National Championship

Listen to the Audio Version Instead: The year was 2017. I entered the same brick gymnastics studio in Aurora, Illinois I’d been going to since the ripe age of two… if you do anything for ten years, you’re bound to…


Easter Sunday

As I deliberated on who’s story I wanted to share for Easter, I was forced to take a step back and remember what the day signifies.  Easter, also referred to as Resurrection Sunday, commemorates the resurrection of Jesus, according to…


Quarantine Crew Does Easter

Typically, I would spend Easter at my Grandparents’ house in Colorado and typically, if my plans were thwarted in any way, I would be on the fast track to a spiral, but since the almighty COVID came to town… or…


Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

I am a planner. I am 100% a Type-A personality. I have a schedule and a checklist for just about everything. I also have 2 beautiful boys…. with the amount of energy that could power the entire state of Alaska. …


The Quarantine Crew

As the sun started to peak its way out from behind the mountain and through the square window, I heard Sierra’s body shift against the fibers of the brown couch. This was the eighth morning we were waking up like…


Did We Pack Nail Clippers?

This is a new one, you guys… this is both from the writer’s perspective and in interview form. I met Senika (coolest name ever, right?) back in 2012 when I started dating Matthew; her and her husband, Chris, welcomed me…

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