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Let’s Go To The Beach

Listen to the Audio Version Instead: “S – Speed!” Remi shouted. It must’ve been the hundredth speed limit sign they’d passed. The Hendrickson’s were racing to wrap up the alphabet game as they held a steady 68 on their way…


La vita e bella

La vita e bella —Life is beautiful I like to relocate. I like to experiment with my career. Change excites me. Novelty ignites a passion that makes me feel alive. Sometimes I am hard on myself for the stifling that…


Will You Accept This… Reprieve?

As a collective, we root for love, don’t we? In the end, that’s the bond that unites us more than anything. Or, at least that’s what I’d like to think. Love is what some of the most popular shows center…


Not A Blog About Coronavirus (just slightly)

John Kroll… I could use so many words to describe this man. I suppose I will start by explaining how our relationship began, which as you can guess, based on the topic, was through work. It was back when I…


Sellin Everybody Grillz

Listen to the Audio Version Instead: I’ll never forget one of the first compliments Matthew gave me… it really struck me as I hadn’t been in a relationship with someone that recognized it before. He said, “I find your work…



Hi everyone, My name is Mandy Mellencamp (I’ve been married for four years but haven’t changed my name yet). I’m 29 years old – born in Tucson and raised in good ‘ol Prescott, Arizona. I don’t remember my childhood ever…


Send Me Up

Sadie sat in silence and closed her eyes in an effort to stop the world from spinning. She could picture Amy’s forehead plunked down into her sweaty palms. She lived in Florida… it’s not as if she could jump in…


A Masterpiece and a Work In Progress

For many, the thought of self-care sparks images of bubble baths, face masks and “treat yo self” memes. While the images conjured may be accurate, they are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to self-care. The term…

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