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Start Me Up

Listen to the Audio Version Instead: “Damn it. Piece of shit!” she shouted at her dirty black steering wheel, turning the key for the fifth time to hear that dreaded clicking sound. Sadie wasn’t paying for Triple A anymore, but…


Remove The Damn Mirror

My name is Lysa Page and I live with an eating disorder (currently in remission). I am 53 and was born in New Hampshire; I lived there until I was nine. Life is very different in the North-Eastern states; it…


Food Is Life & It’s Ivory’s Birthday

Listen to the Audio Version Instead: FOOD – Wow. What a broad topic with so many potential paths to go down. I feel like I’m at a stop sign, but instead of being at a four-way stop, it’s a 978-way…


I Am Addicted to Fear

Hey, my name is David and I am addicted to fear. Allow me to preamble my introduction by saying that I have actively been avoiding writing this blog entry. I have, and will continue to be, cognizant of my past…


Fear Factor

Listen to the Audio Version Instead: You know that feeling, when the bottom of your stomach starts to gurgle and somersault? When your armpits and hands start to sweat? Somehow, your entire face seems to be ten degrees warmer than…


I’m Home

Welcome, everyone. To my second face to face interview for Coffee With A Question. Caitlin Teich – a strong, beautiful, talented, driven (did I mention strong?) soul. I arrived at her house Sunday afternoon as she and her husband were…


Lani And The Dandelion

“Mom, what are you doing?” Lani asked as she poked down on her mother’s straight back, which donned a beige-colored tank top. London rose from child’s pose to lock eyes with her curious five-year-old daughter. She thought she was the…


Movement Is The Medicine

My name is Layla Halenka and I was born in Phoenix, Arizona. I am 32 years old and married with three beautiful girls. I have a strong passion for my family, expressing creativity through movement and connecting with others through…

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