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    I am 37. I have been a healthcare professional for 13 years and I actively work in …
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    The time has finally come – The Social Muse has a podcast. My sister joins me …
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    Join The Social Muse in witnessing an all new season like you’ve never seen …
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    Do you think ‘movie star’ when you hear the name Brandon Pitts? Not to put …
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    Hey There, I'm Devon!

    I suppose I should start with introducing myself. I'm Devon Herrera and I'm addicted to a conversation... is that insensitive to AA? We'll say no. I remember going on my first date and telling my partner I get bored easily - that I need to be challenged and mentally stimulated... well, he listened, or his ability to converse just comes naturally. Either way, Coffee With A Question

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    "Sign up to get 15% off... Yes, it's already free, but come on, help a girl out."

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